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With purpose to preserve and increase forest flora and fauna of our Republic we ask you to inform the nearest forestry about plants and animals, included in the Red Book of Republic of Belarus.

Postavy forestry was organized in 1939 and became  as a part of legal entity in compound of Vitebsk State Forestry Association in Ministry of forestry community in Republic of Belarus.

Forestry office  situated in the city of  Postavy, which is located in 250 km from Vitebsk and 170 km from Minsk.

The total area of forestry is about 90797 hectares, including 76709 hectares covered by forests.

The length of forestry territory, laying from the north to the south, is about 60 km and, stretching from the east to the west, - 110 km.

Forestry community is divided into 9 forestries, 30 mastery regions and 126 spot-checks.

The list of consists of 127 workers.

Forestry provide various kinds of activities: forestry and industrial production, collateral forest usage, wood processing  and hunting services.

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