Поставский лесхоз
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
лесхоз в Поставах
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Postavy Forestry established in 1939 and included on the Rights of the legal entity of the Vitebsk State Forestry Association Forestry Ministry of Belarus.

Forestry Bureau in Postavy, located 250 km away from Vitebsk and 170 km from Minsk.

The total area of 90 797 hectares of forestry, including forested - 76709ga.

The length of the territory of forestry from north to south - 60 km from east to west - 110 km.

The structure consists of 9 forestry forestry, sections 30 workshops, 126 rounds.

The number of employees of the state forest protection is 127 people.

Forestry has various activities: forestry and industrial production, collateral use of forests, wood processing, hunting services.

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